Monday, March 6, 2006


THE SET of characters for this dream is very fascinating to view. It started as soon as I got back from sleep after I went downstairs and peed. The time was exactly 2:34 in my 1100 phone.
I was there along with several known men of my age in a place that is a mixture of my current backdrop in Stockton street and several houses that can only be seen in villages such as Crosswinds and Westgrove. Green grass lay fresh in a wide lawn fronting the houses. But in the dream, only one side of the street can be seen-- the house where I dwell in and two other houses of uncertainty.
Two guys were identified quickly. Like it was a fine day at Stockton street. Until in a brief moment, I saw a white shoulder bag owned by some unknown female, who was later revealed in the dream. The bag laid helplessly open and piles of cash and other things scattered not so distantly around it. It was like a stolen piece that was left by its thief and didn't took any money, credit card or any sort of monetary value.
It stood there in the bedrock of bermuda grass for several hours that turned into a few days. It was untouched as if of no importance.
That puzzled my inquiring mind and wondered why in the world it was out there and no one seemed to bother to take at the very least, the cold cash in green back.
Suddenly, a girl showed up in view. She was blond, straight face, white and looked very much like Sarah Jessica Parker. Along with few more girls of different statue, it completed the whole set of females who lived right next door.
'Sara' just recently realized that one of her friends disappeared. She was black with wavy hair and she can barely remember her name. Flashes of images played inside her head as she was trying to remember when was the last time they were together. The house was quiet, she was alone.
She call the police and reported her missing friend. The police responded and went into the house, unwitting of the matters that will be revealed. One of the cops that looked very much like someone name Frederick in real life, interviewed and shot several questions to Sara as they go along the investigation. Sara was even caught repeating several verbs due to disregard of the tenses.
Suddenly, my aura seemed to have conquered her spirit. I was seeing her views, mouthing her speeches, moving her muscles and and thinking of her thoughts. In one quick moment, it appeared as if I was inside Sara's body like a stranded soul in the earth possessing indiscriminate mortals.
I can't further explain how it happen, but as soon as I realized that it was I who was already talking to Frederick, two black cops with huge biceps and and muscles wearing black spandex dragged a lifeless human figure from nowhere. It was my missing friend.
The puzzle was soon resolved. It was my (I am Sara now) white bag that stood lifeless in the grassed ground.
I was carrying it the night I strangled her with my elbow until she was out of breath and hid her somewhere in an obscure place in the house. I ran away after and stumbled along when it flew open into the stratosphere scattering its contents into the fertile ground.
The feeling shattered my senses. I can't seemed to understand the reason why such conclusion transpired. Sara was about to be maimed by the beleaguered cops when a buzz to the cheek rattled my aching and sleeping body back to reality and whispered the words, "Psst, alas siyete na. Maligo ka na!" (Psst, it's seven o'clock already. Take your bath now!)

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