Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Debut

THE STORMY RAIN brought by Seniang was non-stop as if telling me to thwart the upcoming musical presentation, and go home instead and sleep the rest of the day.
But our visions were unfazed and Blue Beans gang, which was supposedly named as Six Sigma band, hurdled the wet highways and the very cold morning breeze to show up for the sound check and performed before a crowd of an estimated 3000+ screaming operators. I'm not sure if they were still yelling after we unplugged from the stage.
The band is composed of Oni (vocals, guitar) and Kris D (lead guitar and the ultimate driver), Emmar (percussions) and myself (bass and vocals).
The video was courtesy of my main man Glenn M and his S3-IS baby shooting from somewhere in the bleachers.
Go and hit the play button.