Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The wedding

I can’t describe what I feel right now, but I definitely like what I feel...
--Mendell. On getting married

SOME EIGHT YEARS ago, he captured my beloved cousin’s heart. And now, they are finally married.
It was only 2 weeks prior the Day, when I learned that they are finally becoming as one. After a long vacation during the holidays, they came over at the house and invited me to shoot and be the lens man for their once in a lifetime marriage. I never hesitated to say “Yes!”
Being in charge of the camera is not an easy task, and quite very tedious too, espe
cially when I am an eager novice amateur whose experience is limited to shooting digital still photos. I needed the help of Lucky (he’s my brother) to handle the stationary VCR fixed in a borrowed tripod. Although I was already spared from editing the film, I still craved to forge the stripping and special effects. I aimed it as a gift to Cheryll who lived her last day as a single minutes before 1800 hrs last January 7. I just thought that directing the camera is not enough. But I was hindered from doing so, for failing to copy the films’ content in my Neo sketchpad.
Something is cooking inside my mind. I won’t let it pass without giving Cheryll a “prese
nt” that they would definitely treasure.
The reward is indeed overwhelming. From a camera’s point of view, I was able to view the whole ceremony in full. I had the chance to witness the indescribable joy that poured out from their faces. They were absolutely having the great time of their lives. I was able to capture different portrait of happiness painted by the smiles of every living soul who came to embrace my cousin and her husband’s exchange of “I do”.

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