Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Time flies fast like a whirlwind

A FEW YEARS back, I was able to teach two kids how to read letters and count numbers as well. They are Popoy and Trisya, our precious little children. It followed reading words and phrases. Then it came sentences. I used extensively the very effective teaching tool a e i o u/ ba be bi bo bu/ ka ke ki ko ku / and so on and so forth. Until they were able to pronounce every word I typed in the monitor, vividly with conviction. We used my old Pentium-MMX pc fixed with 64 megabyte RAM, that seems to have gathered dust ever since it was neglected.
Not too long ago, I taught them how to understand the hands of the clock too. That the short hand means the hour of the day. The long but thick hand is the minute. The long thin arrow comprises every second of their life.
I let them know the essence of time itself.
Just three days since, I threw a small time party to Trisya's 8th birthday. It was a day delayed but witnessing them and other kids having the fun-- genuine fun that is-- is quite a relaxing experience. I let them eat Jollibee's pancit palabok, two grilled whole chicken with spicy soy sauce and sumptous gravy, a serving of flavored ice cream with each having a cone to nibble with and of course, a not so big birthday cake.
Even at the bare sight of my two eyes, I can't seemed to realize that time had taken a fast roll. Years ago these two children were small and tiny. They were joys to cuddle and play with. But now, they run along the wind. They talk and speak with their identity registering in your brain's long term memory cells telling you that, this is who "I am."
Drawing a parallel is not hard to do especially when I come to know that my ideas and dreams are fast fading. A decade ago, I was in high school. The concept of conquering the world is not hard to craft. I was convince that with the set of talents and skills that I have, I could be at the top.
A few years later, my idea of conquering the world was hinged to the heart and remained a steadfast inspiration.
But now, it seems all the fire are a faded memory, a pigment of a wonderful, rollercoaster past. I realized after all, I just want to conquer my own.

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