Monday, May 21, 2007

Lost in the Walls of Intramuros

I TEXTED MY friend Markus for directions. He called back and dictated me the precise routes via jeepney and LRT, since I don’t have a car that I can drive. He is an alma mater of PLM and I thought he was the perfect guy to ask on how to go to Intramuros. And he has proven himself righteous.


Last Sunday, I went there to answer to Jayvee’s blog invitation for a cosplay photo op. Unfortunately, I got lost in the process. He noted in his recent post that if there were a few more photographers who were lost on their way to the venue, I am sure one of them.

Angeles City was my hometown and I currently stay and work in Laguna, so it was almost a perfect opportunity since it'll be my first time to visit the place. I hoisted a jeepney near the Manila City Hall and asked the driver to pull-over at the “roundtable”. Once inside, I busied myself picturing the historic walls and scenery of Intramuros.

Armed with my camera, I started shooting like a crazy gunman in a ground-zero and war-like place.
I strutted and walked further reaching the canyon walls. Heavy sweat was starting to build up. A golf ball from the sky suddenly dropped onto the green grass. I failed to remember that the meeting place was inside the golf course.
An hour later I found myself already too far from where I should be: The Rizal Park.
So I took more shots of where my feet has taken me.
Chatted with Caloy, a park bystander who earns a living through his vintage Konica film SLR.
And captured some kids I'm uncertain I will ever meet again, willing to offer genuine smiles that warm the heart.
The next stop, I was already home.


-D said...

nice pics!

antagal ko na dito sa manila. di pa ako nakapunta dyan..hay, mapuntahan nga sa weekend.

tutubi said...

baluarte de san diego yan sa intramuros

you a member of phphoto? :)

Freelance*Jervis said...

-d: salamat sa pagbisita. yep, you should go there once in a while :)

tutubi: historical ika nga. flickr member ako, phphoto, hmmmm. di pa yata :)