Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Glimpse of Poverty

WHAT DOES THIS photo tell you? Straddling along a sidewalk in EDSA-Cubao will greet you a galore of eye-catching scenario such as this.
Together with Pizza, we were on our way to the bus stop when suddenly a woman, whom I thought first was a man, walked past behind me. She was greased all over, thus, earning herself a title of "taong grasa" with her short-pants slightly pulled down and her butt-line slowly peaking out. Slippers are grossed and her hands are dirty. I was about to feel a knot in my stomach, when another person, complemented the scene.
A handicapped with her left arm missing and a tin can in her front inviting passers-by to drop their loose coins.
Time seemed to slow down and I snapped away my cybershot to freeze the scene. What came out was a blurred digital picture of two unfortunate people, in the real sense of the word.
So before you waste the excess food you ordered in a restaurant, better think again. Before even thinking about buying expensive but not necessarily needed things such as your latest jeans when you already had tons of pairs in your closet, you might want to pause and think where your money's going.
It's 5 days come election time, and I wonder what the senator wannabes have to say about poverty, with our country being the most corrupt nation in the world.


studio lolo said...

jeez, so powerful and sad. What's that expression, "There but for the grace of God, go I." That says it all, I guess.
I enjoy your writing, your observations, and your passion for life.

Freelance*Jervis said...

@studio lolo, thanks for the comment. yes, it really is a saddening spectacle to see, and it highlights how fortunate we already are as compared to their state.