Monday, May 21, 2007

A Block in a Writer's Path

IT IS A phase that “all” writers have experienced at least once in their entire writing life. It usually happens when he/she faces an imaginary monster. This scary creature bears fangs, huge fingernails, long hair, and red giant poppy eyes when in reality it’s just a plain white background that draws an imaginary fear. It fails the hand to wield the pen or the keyboard with words that makes sense.

I’ve been visited a lot of times by this monster creature as evidenced by the silence in this blog.

Traditionally, this is called the writer’s block. When a writer is suffocated with a white sheet of clean paper and a pen that has suddenly ran out of ink, or the typewriter has just lost control of its mechanical letters being punched away, it is difficult breath and struggle to surpass such stage of nothingness. When a writer thought he/she already knows a lot of things, writer's block disapprove this and he/she suddenly finds him/herself wordless and can’t even forge a set of words that could probably change the world.

Bloggers aren’t spared from this monster creature. They are the writers of the new media but that doesn’t escape them from the state when bloggers are flushed out with all possible ideas that are bloggable. Sometimes when too many ideas pop out of the blue, it fails the blogger to contain the avalanche of concepts falling in and turns out no post is uploaded. It has formed it’s equivalent term – the blogger’s block – but significantly it still carries the same concept of what writer’s block mean.

I’ve been visited a lot of times by this monster creature as evidenced by the silence in this blog. My previous post was about the senatorial candidates who got my vote last election and I wasn’t even able to explain as to why I wrote their names in my ballot. I have three unfinished drafts in my list of posts, and two more activities I’ve involved myself with in the past two weekends - the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban and getting lost in the streets of Intramuros.

One of my technical-support often refers to San Miguel (the beer, not the saint) for inspiration especially in a situation when setting up IT related infrastructure and can’t seem to finish the job. Maybe, I just need the same amount help for me to deal this monster that occasionally appears when faced with a cursor that blinks the fear of filling the white monitor screen with words.

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