Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Pursuit for Better Blogging

IN 2003, WHEN I moved to Sta. Rosa for my first job, I only brought three things with me: a set of clothes for five days, the allowance I borrowed from my mother and a book.
Yesterday, when I looked upon my belongings in my space in a house shared with other office friends, it's surprising to see how big the number of collected books, magazines and newspapers I'd read, have increased.
This is one habit I am graciously proud of.
We feed our stomach with the food we eat. We do the same thing to our mind if we read, because reading is one way of inducing bits of information into our brain.
That's why, when I read about a book entitled "Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User" that can be acquired freely if I follow a certain set of requirements, I was more than excited for three reasons.

1. It will definitely help in my pursuit for better blogging.
2. Another addition to my precious book collection.
3. They're giving away 100 copies for free, if:

-- I blog about the project, create a hypertext link to the site and follow the other requirements indicated in the post.

The book was authored by Janette Toral, the same person who organized the successful iBlog3: the 3rdPhilippine Blogging Summit. Below is the details of project

Get a free copy of Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User

Last September 2, 2006 we released the Blogging 101 Workshop Online (blogging101workshop) and have been improving it since.

We'll be publishing 1000 copies of the book "Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User" and release it by May 2007. Whether it is going to be a face-to-face or online book launching is something that shall be decided upon soon. From its original version, the e-book is expanded to 8 lessons so that schools who wishes to use it can plan their programs for a whole semester term.

* Lesson 1: Introduction to blogging (Exercise: Blog critic and setting up a personal blog)
* Lesson 2: Blog copyright and ethics (Exercise: Identifying blog violations)
* Lesson 3: Generating revenue through blogs (Exercise: Identify revenue generating schemes for blogs)
* Lesson 4: Getting started in blogging (Exercise: Theme planning and Setting up your blog for business)
* Lesson 5: Marketing your blog (Exercise: Metrics set-up, trend tracking, and blog promotion techniques)
* Lesson 6: Introduction to podcasting (Exercise: Creating a podcast)
* Lesson 7: Becoming a professional blogger (Exercise: Identify professional blogging opportunities)
* Lesson 8: Setting up your own blog network (Exercise: Creating a blog network)
* The 100-Days Blogging Challenge
* Club Member Directory (Individual member blogs, SME and Corporate Members website)
* Sponsor text ads

All Club members are entitled to a free copy of the book. SME members will get 2 copies while Corporate members shall get 3 copies. Individual members will get 1 copy.


Janette Toral said...

Thanks Jervis. I included you in the list.

Jervis said...

This is great news. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank you Janette :)

Janette Toral said...

Hi Jervis. Kindly email me your mailing address and contact number so I can give your info to the printer for the book shipping. Thank you again for the suppport!