Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Chance for the American Dream

IF YOU'RE A nurse, planning to be, or on your way to being one of the white-wearing wingmen/women of doctors, I would most likely picture you with a cloud hanging above your head. Just like in the scenes of the well read comic strips of Pol Medina Jr., a closer look on the cloud would most likely present a collage of images depicting the american dream: star spangled banner, the white house, an american airplane, snow, greenbacks, and anything that would remind me of the good life waiting in the land of the promise.

Recently, I just happen to know more about my relatives in the father side, particularly the generation that were born during the late 80s and early 90s. The power of texting is really enormous and it can breakdown the barrier of being miles apart. I was able to accomplish this by obtaining callouses in my right thumb.

Almost all of them who are still in school have plunged in the popular bandwagon. They are hoping that in four years of squeezing their parents resources, they would have a crack at the elusive American dream. They are few of the many nursing students who share the same dream of being successful. However, the success is define as being able to graduate, hurdle a barrage of requisite exams including the CGFNS, NCLEX and many other tests that would qualify them to have a ticket abroad and earn the kind of living that no ordinary Filipino working in the Philippines would ever achieve.

While most of them are aware of their own perspective and realities, they are somehow unaware of the bigger reality behind this 'exodus of nurses'. There are far too many reasons why there is a great demand for nursing and domestic help in first world countries such as the US, we can't be too blinded not to know that they are incapable of taking care of their elders and themselves. They are simply (ab)using our weakness.

And to further this (ab)use, today is the last day of registration for the Special Nursing Board Exam Review for all nurses who passed the leakage-prone June 2006 licensure exams. In the website, a list of all participating schools, schedules and those who already confirmed registration since March 21 can be found.

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