Monday, April 16, 2007

Picturing iBlog3

I WAS IN U.P. last Friday.
I was there not because I was inquiring how to enroll in the state's premiere university but to grace the iBlog3 summit event for the first time this year. I was already a blogger for quite sometime now, but I guess I was just blogging for myself! Only in this chance I was able to learn such gathering exists where bloggers go offline to convene.
To my amazement, I raised my hand (well, only virtually) when they asked for volunteers. I was one of the shutter bugs (albeit, a novice one) roaming around the School of Economics Auditorium, inside and out.
And it was a terrific learning experience having to listen to a set of speakers who drew inspiration or two, such as Dean Alfar asking "Hey Mr. Writer! Where's Your Blog?". He was very witty with his speech and I'm sure that all writers (and I presumed all those who were there to listen are writers!) in the audience was inspired to write even more and be not afraid! And the best part is, I laughed a countless times listening.
Bloggers are Journalist! Roby Alampay's speech was an eye opener. Inside a comfy auditorium, we were fed with an intellectual's insight on the conditions of neighboring South East Asian nations with regards to blogging and freedom of expression.
Marcelle Fabie also had me gripping the chair while I attentively snapped away pictures with his wonderful act. I particularly find his suggestion very convincing that by writing the first thoughts that come to mind when waking up will eventually aide in unlocking ones creative potential.
These and the rest of the speakers for day 1, I was able to capture in digital photos. It's just too bad, that going home all the way to Sta. Rosa in 5 rides late in the day, coupled with a running nose and headache, took a toll on me and made me ill that night. Aside from failing to see sir Edong, I eventually paid the price of missing Manuel L. Quezon III, Yugatech, Jayvee Fernandez and the rest of day 2's set of speakers, which I've been looking forward to see, ever since the iBlog3 invitation.
Anyway, I'm posting here some of the photos I took:

The Auditorium at UP School of Economics


Marcelle Fabie doing his fork trick

Arelle Valla for the Business minded bloggers

Blogsharing at Lunchtime

Dean Alfar in the works


Edong said...

thanks for the link...

been enjoying your pictures as well as your new place here... hehe

keep it up! said...

Thanks so much for helping out at iBlog3!

an2net said...

Lol. Sayang di tayo nagka usap ng matagal. Was kinda busy with some calls. :P

Next time? :)

Sorry late. Got a tad bit busy at work