Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Disaster party

Vintage phones for sale!

THE PARTY CAN be described in one word: DISASTER

Saturday. It has been wet the whole week, and sunshine reluctantly surprised everyone that morning. But the euphoria was spoiled at exactly 1700 hours when people started filling up the area supposed to be partied on, a heavy downpour came and wreak havoc.
The only reason I came was, for RiverMaya appearing for the party. I didn't have the slightest idea that the place would turn into a river, literally! My 2-year old sneaker was soaked with mud. I can't eat my food for there were only monoblocs within the bounds of makeshift tent that barely sheltered the people (including pregnants with huge stomachs) from the rain. I was furious deep inside for lack of contingency plans from the organizers but due to the biting cold, I remained silent and sang along with the rain.
Look what just transpired:

  • A great number ate their bag of 2 chicken parts, cup of rice, a slice of thick pepperoni pizza, bottled water, a moose, tetra juice, and spoiled steamed potatoes while the rain raised and maintained the flood. No tables!
  • Not a soul was ferried back to his own home during the outburst of water from the sky. Buses were only permitted after everyone was all wet
  • Artistas didn't serve their purpose that night. They were paid only to bring shrieks from die hard fans and blocked the lobby
  • A lot of kantanods along with bureaucrats were inside taking glimpses of these artistas, photo ops, autographs and giggles, while the majority were left stuck in the cold rain, tired, sick...
Monday. The president announced that bonuses will be given in a few days, including GC and other benefits. Clap! Clap! Clap! The day before, 30 persons were reported absent. That must have hurt, I say.
I quitted my bickering and badgering when I learned a repeat of the party was looming. And that Bamboo MaƱalac will lead the show. Now that is a "Hallelujah!"

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