Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The City Hall

Since it's 5 full days and not a bit of nostalgia was felt for my office in Laguna, I come to think why not fix my old problem. I lost my debit card last October and not a weekday was spared for its replacement. I just thought this is a great opportunity to settle such cobwebbed predicament.
It's been a while since I last set foot in a very old but very familiar place. The city hall! Fetched by my kid brother whose passion right now is... ehem~ basketball!.. I glanced upon the halls where my hometown's city mayor currently dwells in.
I went over the task I was undertaking and flashes of old memories beamed silently around my head. It was those days when, along with a group of GOOD campus journalists or CJ, we went over and brought support to our fellow comrade for his appointment with the fiscal. He sued a fellow CJ for libel. I can't remember the whole story but the idea was to bring on their knees those BAD CJ's whom we thought do not write for the advancement of students interests.
The antagonists fault was that they've written an article that maliciously maligned the persona of our comrade. The column writeup was published in the university's student journal and circulated in every corners of our campus. It was indeed a direct attack on his personality and not on the issue at hand. So, to bring lessons to those "culprits" we considered, we went to the city hall.
I never have known the resolution of the case, or how it went afterwards because I was already a prisoner of a manufacturing giant. But nevertheless, I think that taught those BAD guys real lesson. You don't get subpoenas in this country everyday the way that you can get yourself a newspaper daily right at your fingertips.

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Kelvin said...

You don't get subpoenas at all down under in New Zealand. Oh and by the way, I snatched your ballpoint & I'm keeping it !!!