Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cold breeze makes me slumber

YOU TEND TO wake up but your body refuses to. Your brain is set to command your muscles so that by the time the clock tick 6, you’ll be able to begin your morning ritual that includes rubbing your back, scrubbing your teeth, plowing your worst-than-Troll-like hair, nibbling your toe nails and other countless ceremonies before going out in the world.
But the biting cold is much stronger than the willingness of the mind. You curl further like a worm inside a hole warmth by its sanctuary. You grab the sheet to further cover your nakedness not minding that your bedside clock doesn’t know when to stop turning its hands.
Then suddenly you are awakened, like a rush of blood to the head just hit you hard. But your knees and hands are too weak to function, too numb to stand and too timid to even stretch a single tissue. You realize time is running out and getting late again for work or school is not an option you are willing to partake for the nth time. So you summon all your strength as if you were few meters away from the peak of Mt. Daguldol in Batangas and giving up now is definitely not in your To-Do list.
You are successful after struggling to get up. After yawning several times, you grab your towel and head straight to the washroom. There, you begin your battle with the army of water dripping fast from the faucet (or shower maybe). The questions keep popping out now. Will you quickly drop several cups full of cold water in succession hoping that you be able to deaden the chill? Or are you going to do it slowly by dipping both your hands and sprinkle droplets of h2o until the desired chemistry between your body and the breeze has been achieved? Or worse, you surrender and go back to bed? Whatever the case maybe, there’s no turning back at this point most of the time. Thus ending the long endured conflict between waking up your senses and short term hibernation, which happens usually during this time of the year and until before the summer comes.

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