Thursday, July 12, 2007


IF THERE IS one word that could describe the silence creeping in this blog, I can't think of any other term other than the title of this post.

After 5 months of relinquishing my first position in my company, I've been focused most of the time with system administration tasks for a set of processes here in my company.

And two weeks ago, Mexican supporters came in. They are currently on a mission to bring in some new technology, in which I am not in liberty to discuss in detail, for it may jeopardize my employment. Nonetheless, it carried additional assignments because I'm part of the group in charge to catch the knowledge they are deemed to transfer.

The opportunity may be viewed as added burden but I see it differently. It brought me the chance to commune with people that uses the language the Filipinos used to speak more than a hundred years ago - Español!

Mucho gusto.
Buenos diyas, Alejandro!
Cómo estás Mario
Muy bien senior Victor! Si
Adios Benjamin!
Uno, dos, tres!

And somehow, I found useful tools, here and here, to aide me in comprensión y entender these guys who are very jolly and happy people. They work like everything is okay and laughs everytime they make a mistake, and laughs again when they solve it.

I managed though to still write something about my favorite past time - sports and the Team Pilipinas quest to Olympic glory - to slip into my somewhat "busy" time.

Véale más adelante!

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fruityoaty said...

I've always wanted to learn Spanish. My Mom speaks a bit of Spanish because she learned it in university.