Monday, July 2, 2007

Blog Addiction Metrics

87%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
HERE IS A clever way of measuring if you are inflicted with what they call "blog addiction".

With Technorati at hand, I've searched the top 3 blog addicts of the millions of blogs in the internet. Surprisingly, a Pinoy blogger placed third in the list. Maybe, I need to run this search again the next few days.

98% Cartoon Barry Blog
94% The Social Life Of The Freethinker

The survey or test is composed of 13 questions that would determine how addicted a user is. The result is shown in a graphical way by drawing out a syringe and incrementing the amount of the red color as the questions are answered.


fruityoaty said...

I took that test last week... Hehe, every blogger these days seems to be taking it. I got 63% which is what I thought I would score... more or less.

Freelance*Jervis said...

hi fruityoaty. thanks for your comments! glad to read them every now and then =)

Red said...

hallooo.. I didn't realize that I made it to that list. hehehe.. I must have been posting every second.