Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Saving Earth

IN THE PLACE I call work, I exercise the following on a daily basis.

One. Never switch-on the fluorescent lamp right above my head. Instead, I absorb the stray illumination from nearby lighting. To be able to accomplish this, the facilities department has provided each lamp its own pull switch for a better control, when to turn it on or shut it off. This way, I am maximizing the energy consumed and simultaneously saving some of it.

Two. Turning off the computer monitor during breaks, which accounts to as much 1 hour and 20 minutes of the total 9 hours I spend at my desk. That’s about 14.8% of monitor power saved.

Three. I usually forget my handkerchief whenever I go to work. So what I do whenever I have a trip to the rest room is used the tissue available, sparingly. I care for the trees, that’s all.

Four. Call me unhygienic but I don’t flush the cubicle after peeing. I assume that the next person after me will do that, thus, saving a considerable amount of clean water. That is hitting two birds with one stone.

Five. I have a pair of scissors in my drawer. And I see good reasons for its simple function of cutting and trimming; muscle exercise to relieve stress in the hand and arms, and transforming waste papers into tiny notes to write on.

Early this morning, the voice in the PA system has announced that today is World Environment Day. As part of its contribution to the worldwide reaction in chasing and solving global warming, it encourages everyone in the offices and elsewhere in the production to save earth from the wraths of global warming, by a collective effort of conserving energy.

And I hope that the voice of encouragement spoke to everyone who heard it and put "saving the earth" practices into a daily habit.

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pizzapie said...

...whenever i see a toilet that wasn't flushed, i always make it a point to flush it before using...sori hehe =) i'll try to think about it next time...hmmm...