Wednesday, May 24, 2006


TUNA sandwich
Tuna sardines
Sizzling tuna
Sizzling tuna belly
Sweet and sour tuna
Hot and spicy tuna
Bicol express tuna
Inihaw na tuna
Tuna fillet
Spicy tuna spaghetti
Adobong tuna
Dinaing na tuna
Omelette tuna
Tuna afritada
Tuna caldereta
Tuna litè
Tuna plain
Tuna kisses

One of the many things I learned since August of last year is the vast options in cooking and serving the best fish in the world I have ever known, TUNA. Why tuna? There are other sorts of fishes found in the Philippine ponds and shores, like galungong, bangus, tilapia, dalagang bukid, isdang tabang, espada, tamban, and the list goes on and on. But why did I brand tuna as the best fish in the world?
I have the following reasons:
(a) Tuna can be found almost anywhere, whether you're in Japan, in America, Europe maybe, Australia. Although I have never gone out of the country as of the 24th year of my existence, I am pretty sure Tunas are served in those countries and elsewhere.
(b)They appear in various presentations. They are sold raw in nearby beaches. In any wet market, you might see somebody yelling tuna for sale. In groceries, cans of tuna come in different flavors to fit anybody's appetite. Best of all, you can always buy a can of tuna in manang's sari sari store any time of the day!
(c)It is a proven pulutan alternative! Hot and spicy tuna will guarantee a fast paced consumption of ice cold beer and alcohol. Let this be a warning that its chilli sauce-oil can choke you, when you sipped it while drunk.
(d)Tunas are heart friendly. If you eat too much, you'll never have to worry about cholesterol.
(e)Tunas dont bite (I guess).
(f)It's cheaper than shark's fin soup, a kilo of shrimp, or a mcdonald's happy meal.
(g)If San Diego California was once the Tuna Capital of the world, we have here in the Philippines, Sultan Kudarat as its version of Tuna country.
(h)It can be eaten almost anytime, anywhere. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, meryenda, siesta. In the office, sa kusina ni urban, bus, jeep, in the park, basketball court, virtually anywhere.

The next time you come across tuna, or you always eat tuna on a religious basis, don't fret. There are wide array of possibilities to enjoy the dish more than any other fish.

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