Tuesday, May 2, 2006

No Newspaper?

CITY OF PINES, BAGUIO-- Waking up is difficult here in the summer capital. But a breakfast serving of relyenong bangus, freshly harvested vegetables cooked the way your taste would appreciate it and strawberries spread in a pan is worth enough to endure the wake up struggle. Glenn welcomed us in his pad, with a smile up in his ears after an enjoyable Sagada trip, thank you very much!
Located somewhere in the middle of a certain camp, I walked up hill to grab a breakfast complement, the inquirer. I was just told by his mama that a newsboy just passed by earlier and was unsure whether a store can be found near. She warned me that it maybe in the market or somewhere else. So, I hopped along with Glenn on his way out to the city. He left immediately after boarding an fx taxi. I was alone and advanced farther until I reached an internet hub and a newspaper stand!
Voila! My wish is answered. And here I am, telling that story.

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