Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Triple Overtime

STARTING A BLOG is not easy. I had to squeeze a lot of brain juice before being able to come up with a decent online journal that is pleasing to once reading. I know, I know. I can't please everybody. But why did it take me here in the office, to work not only double, but thrice than my body could do? I'm here in my desk, wanting nothing but the sound of the chime signaling its 8 eight clock-- time to quit the day and go home. How i wish i'm home. And, it's Nov 1! Hahaha.
At this very hour, I've documented the exact number of hours I've worked Overtime. It's nearing 7 pm and my goal is to have a century of beyond the regular hours pay before the cut-off for the next period commences. By the time I received my paycheck, it would more than double the regular 15th day cash-on-atm salary considering also that I would be receiving it on the 15th of November when taxes are at low.
But look what I just missed:

  • Octoberfest in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, October 28-29 (drop until your pee is nothing more like beer)
  • Tigtigan, Terakan qeng Dalan in Angeles City, same day as above (i told my mom i won't be going home for they won't be around the house. They will be heading off to my lola's place)
  • Swimming treat (plus shot of RH!) of old college friends, two of them just recently passed the M.E. licensure exams. Congratulations to them, by the way.
  • The chance to see Lhon Cabides whom I've never seen in a year! WOW (who is he?! haha)
  • Play Saturday Bingo with CJ and the rest of The SOLUTION (2001-2003) gang.
  • Take Pizza to Shakey's and eat a sumptuos basket of Mojos (<-- Oh I like this one)
  • Play NBA Live 06 with my Neo
If you're going to ask me if I'll ever do again what the title of this post suggests, I would know my answer right away! hahaha
...back to work!

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