Monday, November 7, 2005

Late in the hustle

I WAS LATE for 10 minutes! I didn't know whether the shuttle service left Magallanes at exactly 6.20 in the morning and I still never made it to the bus top. I ran furiously and walked briskly after stepping out of the MRT station still hoping to catch the bus. Eventhough I already realized the hand's clock was pointing to the number 6 when I checked the time, my hopes were still high.
That is an adverse effect when you wake up so early in the wee hours of the morning and was very unlucky! I stepped inside an empty aircon bus and I had to wait for the other passengers to fill in all of the seats before taking off. Unluckily, the bus' engine cranked up only after 30 minutes have passed. It was running smoothly along the expressway but on a very slow drag. I can't sleep even after the bus conductor turned off all the passenger lights because I was worried and very wary on the slow pace of the engine.

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