Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ironic Gratitude

I CAUGHT ON Q-tv news last night Ely being interviewed three weeks after his near-death excursion. It was reported though that he had undergone instead of two, but three angioplasty, to revive him from his almost fall out.

I am very much alive... and kicking... and making music
maraming salamat po sa lahat ng sumuporta...
said Ely who was sporting black framed eye glasses and had his fly-away hair ironed out. A refreshed Ely Buendia face back in his prime was shown walking with a happy face clear of any stresses, except that he's obviously lost some weight due to his stricter-than-your-strict-teacher diet and he was showing off his white macbook during the shoot.

His comments and the way he carried himself was so typical Ely of the Eraserheads. There is now a vivid sign that Pupil has a far way to go.

Long live Ely and his music.

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