Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Revenge of the hotball

THIS IS ANOTHER case of barking at the wrong hydrant.
It is terribly hot anywhere my feet take me nowadays. For several minutes, I may be toasting my skin in the blistering rays of the sun because of standing beneath a highway to grab a bus or even by just keeping the clothes line full.
The weather is really hot. But this time of the year is supposed to be the time when I can drench myself in a road that may turn suddenly into river. Bath literally under the sky, semi naked along with other kids with no worries or problems whatsoever in the back of their minds.
It reminds me of the ways of living during the 80s. The innocence of a young kid's heart is full of gladness and joy. It was then that I can still play long hours outside and burn, but still get something good in return. The sun is a good source of Vitamin D. And I was told long ago that to maximize the benefit of absorbing this, one can embrace the morning breeze until ten in the morning. Midday temperature could scorch you, but not the kind of intensity the sun possesses these days.
I was awaken with sweat all over my face and body. And so I take a bath. The day seemed very long on a sunday and early in the morning, I am complaining about almost for everything that won't work my way. When in fact it is only the hot weather that's been punishing my patience. Midday is excruciating. And I can't expect myself to sleep inside the house after siestas. If only there's an available hammock I could make, but my wish fell on a deaf fairy.
In the office, they've been making adjustments to save some stash. They turn off the canteens' aircon. Locker area is an oven. Meeting room is converted into a blazing fire dorm. Even comfort rooms which are supposed to be "comfortable" weren't spared from the backlash. The shuttle service is on saving mode too. The unfriendly driver keeps the cooler to a minimum. Sometimes, he kills it to save gas and energy.
Humans used trees to make beds and other things made of wood, to the extent of abusing it. Now there are less trees than the sum of all beds you could ever imagined.
I've been taught that trees preserves the oxygen we breath and cools the world. Now I understand why I am perspiring while asleep.

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