Monday, April 10, 2006

A night with the Queen

I just love eating. Don’t you?

Two Saturdays ago, while strolling along the old highways of Angeles city after a failed basketball exercise, we decided to spend the rest of that night dining in the infamous Aling Lucing’s sisig located, literaly, in the town’s defunct railroad tracks commonly known as “Crossing”.
Most of the old barkada were not around for unknown reasons. I was with evan and pizza and having witnessed the second serving of ice age made us starved and craved for food.
So, it came to mind the place I longed to go to. Aling Lucing, the Sisig Queen, familiar not only for kapampangans but also to famous people, (politicians, artists and celebs) and even renowned writers of our time, such as C. De Quiros.
Even if I have lived more than two decades in the city of angels, it was just my second time embracing the place. The first one is already a memory. All I can remember is the taste of sisig sprinkled with chilis and how it was chopped into bits and pieces while being grilled in hot flaming coal and fire.
This time, I took ample chance adapting with the ambiance and gained as much as detail of the home-along-da-riles turned restaurant. The walls were made into a canvas of newspaper and magazine clippings showcasing write ups and articles describing how delicious the original sisig is. Monoblocs were enough fixture to rest your behind while savoring the smoke that sizzled from the freshly served platter of mild spiced diced meat and earlobes. A tv was setup to keep those who are ordering and on queue entertained. Best of all, grills, cooks and meat are situated nearby, you can almost see how the food is prepared and readied to perfection.
Although I was adamant in consuming more than I could, I failed to resist the inviting created by the beautiful scene right before my eyes when the orders came. Without remorse, I chew, bit, knawed, nibbled and tasted the juicy meat. Carefully ate away the inihaw na tilipia aided by the helping fork. A stick of pork barbecue dressed with red sauce was enough to complete the whole set amounting only to about 300 pesos for the three of us.
Aling Lucing, whoever she is, didn’t have a hard time convincing me with her self imposed title, the Sisig queen. She only need to wave her scepter and make sure that every sizzling serving is worth the wait.

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